Safety & Health Program

Ocupational Health, Safety and Enviromental Protection

Innova Development Inc. (IDI ) created and implemented a safety program focused on protecting our employees and our clients and their facilities . The IDI Safety Program  seeks to ensure that our operation meets local and federal laws and regulations relating to Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental protection .
Components of our Safety Plan :
I- Risk Assessment
a . Identify and develop a list of the principals task , including risks and controls to eliminate or reduce them .
b . Evaluate each project or work to determine hazard and determine the guides to do it safely. Guide the employees on this analysis in detailed.
c . Coordinate work with each customer, so that they can identify the risks to the environment and atmosphere at the project site .
II- Program Trainings
a . Our employees are trained in all subjects and standards related to all the identified risks of all areas assigned to it .
b . All new employees will be trained before allowed to work .
c . The trainings are reviewed annually. There are occasions that we need to re- train our employees before this term :
          - Changes in working condition
          - Changes in the workplace
          - New equipment and systems implementations
          - Accidents / Incidents / accidents casuals
          - Evidence of unsafe behavior
          - Changes in the standard
III-Report, Research and recording of injuries and illnesses
a . Complying with the provisions of OSHA 29 CFR 1904 , everything will be evaluated to determine how to correct the fault and correct or prevent future accidents/incidents.
b . Some event to occur , the results of the investigation will be transmitted to all affected workers , always considering maintaining the privacy of sensitive personal information.
Health and Safety Procedures:
 Confined Spaces
 Crane Operators
 Defensive Driving
 Electrical Safety
 Fall Protection 
 Use, care and maintenance of fire extinguishers
 Risk Communication
 Hearing Conservation
 Safety ladders and stairways
 Hazardous Energy Control
 Guards machines Operators
 Elevated platforms 
 Propelled engine
 Personal Protective Equipment
 Respiratory Protection
 Occupational safety 
 Scaffolding
 Hot Jobs - cutting and welding tasks