Specialized Services

Innova Specialized Service Division, our professional team provide all the service related to industrial equipments requirements.

Chillers Heat Exchanger Cleaning:
• Brush Tube Cleaning:
 - straight and spiral tubes.
 - scale, dirt and other deposits and sediment build up.

• Recirculation Chemical Descaling Procedure:
 - eliminate limescale, calcium deposit, rust and more...
 - biodegradable chemicals

• Cooling Tower Cleaning:
 - save water and money! Treat the same water using our filtering system it down to 3 microns.
 - cleaning the system without having to shutdown.

• Laser aligment

• Vibration Analysis

• HVAC & Water test & balance

• Oil Analysis

• Air Ducts Cleaning

• Photos and Videos Reports:
 - inspect and report internal condition of HVAC Air Ducts, Tubes, Vessels etc...